Water Tank Repair Service

water tank repair service

Experienced Technicians

If you are looking to repair your water tank, look no further than WT TANKPRO. As an experts in water tank repair service and refurbishment, we understand that deterioration of the mastic is a common problem with your water systems. This can eventually lead to water leaking and various undesirable outcomes for your water tank. Fortunately, our experts are highly trained and knowledgeable to provide you with adequate water tank repair solutions so we can help extend your water tank’s life cycle.

water tank repair service

20 years of experience in water tank industry

Leakage Repair

Water storage tank leakage is typically caused by a cracked or damaged water tank. Water tank damage or leakage can occur due to movement, impact, or hitting the water tank. Moreover, water tank leakage can also occur as a result of corrosion and general degradation. As a repair specialist, we can provide comprehensive repair to permanently resolve the leakage issue. In addition, our experts can help you with your water tank and water pump issues. We are here to inspect the problems in your homes, such as water tanks and pumps, by installing new pipes to improve water pressure and flow or by replacing them.

Refurbishment Service

If your tank is old, water tank refurbishment can give it new life. Refurbishment is less expensive than replacement. It can give the tank more life. After a few years of use, it is preferable to refurbish your tank. Water tank refurbishment can restore water-retaining structures in poor condition to operational status. Many environments rely on water tanks, so if your tank isn’t working as well as it should, we can help with our tank refurbishing service. You may believe that a new tank is required, but at WT TANKPRO, we provide a cost-effective service in water tank repair in Malaysia.

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