HDPE Lining Water Tank Malaysia

HDPE Lining

Water Tank Lining

The chlorine added to the water to kill bacteria will neutralize the mild steel or concrete water tank wall. Unfortunately, chlorine oxidation has also accelerated the corrosion and deterioration of the water tank’s wall and structure bars. Applying HDPE lining to a water tank can significantly extend the tank’s life. HDPE liner not only has a high degree of flexibility in the installation and welding processes, but it has also been demonstrated to be a highly resistant material to many chemicals and acids and a corrosion preventative. Furthermore, the HDPE lining water tank, has excellent UV resistance and is best suited for severe environments. Because the frictional characteristics of this product are improved, projects with greater slopes can be designed, and the smooth sides allow for an easier, faster welding process and upkeep.

hdpe lining water tank malaysia

Chemical Tolerance

HDPE geo-membranes in the water tank are high-quality pure polyethylene resistant to oily waste, acids, and hydrocarbons. It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and chemical combinations. Under normal conditions, aggressive organic solvents and inorganic acids have no negative consequences. Geo-membranes’ primary function is to provide impassable water or liquid. They are typically made of continuous polymeric sheets that are incredibly flexible. Permeability test results are typically in the -10 to 10 range—ongoing development results in new product advancements and manufacturing technologies. Polymeric geo-membranes are being developed to replace more conventional porous liners such as concrete and mild steel.

hdpe lining

Weather Protection

The HDPE lining water tank in Malaysia can help ensure your water tank is ready for whatever the environment throws, whether it’s poor soil quality, bad weather, or direct sunlight. To ensure that your water tank liners are weather-resistant, consider the weather factors that influence your tank. UV radiation does not affect the water tank, which can induce material breakdown and the leaching of carcinogens over time. Not only that, but HDPE allows for much easier repairs. They can be repaired with onsite welding without compromising the integrity of the liner, resulting in minimal service interruptions when repairs are required.

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