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FRP / GRP Tank

Robust And Eco-Friendly

Water tanks made of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP), or Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), are poised to be the modern material due to their superiority in terms of adjustable features such as high strength-to-weight ratio, notable thermo-mechanical, and rust resistant properties. At WT TANKPRO, we only work with FRP tank manufacturers to ensure the quality of the tanks is preserved. Our company offers a fresh perspective on toxic-free water storage. The GRP tank manufacturers we work with are seasoned market players who have been in the industry for years. The GRP tank panels marketed by WT TANKPRO are hot pressed from sheet molding compound (SMC), primarily composed of unsaturated polyester resin, glass rovings, and fillers. The Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) has certified the GRP water tanks to SS 245, BS EN 13280, and MS 1390.

frp water tank manufacturers

Sturdy And Reliable

The FRP panel tanks’ cutting-edge design, use of premium materials, and stringent quality controls by the FRP water tank manufacturers ensured that they met the highest standards. The FRP is lighter in weight than metal, which helps to reduce labor and installation costs. Despite its lightweight nature, GRP has a high strength-to-weight load-bearing capacity. Our GRP products surpass and outlast conventional materials due to the high glass-to-resin proportions used in our technologically sophisticated formulation. Moreover, the GRP water tank is rust and leak-proof, making it an ideal material for commercial water tanks. Our manufacturers are the market’s leading industry and civil standard water storage equipment. Furthermore, FRP tanks provide a protected environment with no bacteria corrosion risk. Because the raw material used to make the water tank is resistant to bad weather and high temperatures, the water tank has a long lifespan.

frp water tank manufacturers

Long-Lasting And Cost-Effective

GRP material is an excellent choice for weather-resistant water storage tanks. WT TANKPRO installed water tanks throughout Malaysia and required a material that could withstand highly aggressive weather (cold/hot) compared to steel, which has low corrosion resistance properties and requires painting or galvanizing. Aluminum tanks corrode as well, necessitating anodizing or other coatings. Aluminum tanks corrode as well, necessitating anodizing or other coatings. Because of its lightweight capabilities, the FRP tank is a low-cost option; it is 70% – 80% lighter than steel. This enables transport costs to be dramatically reduced because no heavy lifting equipment is necessary to on/offload. The light weight allows the GRP tank to be transported from the factory to the job site, significantly lowering overall installation costs. We work closely with the country’s manufacturers to ensure that the water tanks we supply are of premium quality.

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